general thoughts

My Background

Sculpture and writing are obsessions for 40 plus years. The process for both take me out of this world to an extraordinary place that must be something like heaven. There was a time when I dreamed of traveling the world like a vagabond and seeing everything and writing spectacular stories about it all. Sounded damn romantic, but I have taken a different road, trudged luckily into a wonderful life and gotten to experience a multitude of bewitchment out there. Now, perhaps, I have something to articulate about it all.

My Inspiration

The cover painting is by my mother who was gloriously talented.  This is my son a few years back when we visited the Cave of the Bear in the mountains of Italy (big fellow and Eagle scout now).  Michelangelo got his marble from nearby and just a two hour drive away is Provence in one direction and Tuscany in the other. In this spectacular corner of the earth there was a cafe on the beach of Cannes where Picasso would sip wine with my grandfather.


Regardless of what my more abstract pieces look like, they are inspired by the lines I see in nature and the subtle contours of the human face. Also, I have poor vision - which might explain why some folks don't quite get my art. No matter, all our various opinions make this world a fascinating place. We do the best we can on the roller coaster of terrible and divine and my aim is to add a hint to the better half. A long way to go, so much I don't understand.